Consulting, R&D and training


Technical Support

For over 40 years our technical staff has diligently updated and trained our sales force on the features of our products. They also work directly with customers to provide efficient, clear, and timely assistance with any needs that arise.


Products always available

We pride ourselves on always having our lubricant products available in the most suitable format for our customers’ production cycles. With over 600 products in stock, we ensure a constant supply. Packaging and handling are done in-house by dedicated staff according to specific requirements. Our products are available in cans, tubes, syringes, cartridges, sachets and drums.



We pay maximum attention to logistics management to ensure customer satisfaction. We monitor the entire flow of delivery time to ensure prompt and efficient delivery. We also have our own vehicles for urgent deliveries.


Tailor-made products

Our collaboration with trained and passionate technicians allows us to develop lubricants always in line with the demands of an ever-changing market. We fulfill customer requests for specific and customized products, even for small production batches, in compliance with constantly changing regulatory frameworks and paying attention to aspects governing environmental sustainability.

Tecnolube_analisi grassi lubrificanti

Analysis of greases and lubricating oils

We have our own in-house laboratory with highly qualified technical staff and specialized equipment for the development of specific products and the control of in-service performance. Our technical staff can guide customers from the initial stage and accompany them all the way to the identification of the most suitable product for their needs. We also collaborate with long-standing and experienced partners with state-of-the-art facilities to carry out product analyses, detailed reports, and provide rapid and appropriate responses. Our technical staff’s constant updating on standards and experimental methods is a further guarantee of the quality of service we provide to customers.

after market tecnolubeseal

After market

For several years, we have taken care of the After Market aspect in many sectors such as Automotive, Household Appliances, Pneumatics, and Faucets. We provide customized packaging and products upon request to ensure prompt and effective in-house marketing support for our client companies.

After Market Tecnolubeseal
Formazione academy tecnolubeseal

Training and Academy

In today’s market, companies require employees who possess comprehensive knowledge of the products they use. At TecnolubeSeal, we have always believed it is essential to inform our customers about the products we supply. More and more customers request dedicated training, achieved through courses on lubrication. In these courses, we delve into the characteristics of lubricants, differences, lubrication methods, performance tests, and more. A greater understanding of lubrication allows for judicious choices during the design and industrialization of various components, which represent the core business of our customers. These meetings also provide an important opportunity for us to engage with customers and better direct our research and development efforts. We work with clients to establish precise objectives of immediate interest and we share the level of courses and topics covered. We can hold the courses on-site at the client’s location, at our office or online, through special digital platforms.