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The protection of metallic surfaces machined and finished is often the last treatment in a production cycle. For this reason it is extremely important to choose the correct protective for individual needs. In some cases are prefer products conveyed solvent that can ensure long-term protection (also for sea shipments) and an equally easy final removal. In other cases for protections inter-operational or test equipment, are preferred water soluble protective with residue which can be dry or oily depending on the needs. It is on stock a complete range of products able to meet the various application requirements.

This is a partial selection, for complete range or technical data sheet please contact: tecnico@tecnolubeseal.it


Base Oil
Rust Plus NB synthetic corrosion inhibitor, water-soluble, transparent inter-operational for the protection of ferrous materials. Suitable for testing of pumps, valves, radiators etc.
Nyefilm 541UV milky emulsion for the protection of ferrous materials. Leave a thin, protective and lubricant film. It contains a UV tracer for the control.
Rusty 75 oily protective with a thin film with good protective capabilities. Easy application and eventual removal. Also available in spray.


Synthy Safety Tapping Fluid HDU cutting oil entire vegetable, biodegradable, multimetal. Ideal for heavy duty applications such as tapping and threading. Also available in gel.


Oxy Cut ZX cutting oil emulsifiable in water of superior quality. Form a milky solution stable and usable on both ferrous and non ferrous elements.