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Nye Lubricants

Nye Lubricants located in Fairhaven MA, USA, is a privately owned company, founded in 1844, whose mission was to provide its customers with products of high added value.
One of its first products was refined whale oil which, for many decades, was the undisputed product of reference in the lubrication of mechanical watches.
Thanks to far-sighted vision, in the early ’60s Nye began to formulate and produce high quality greases and synthetic oils to meet the increasing demands for performance and durability that modern construction technologies were asking the lubricant market for.
Each lubricant is the result of a long process of study and, thanks to its solid foundation and application experiences, Nye was able to offer numerous solutions in small, medium and large production lots.
With this philosophy, Nye Lubricants gradually increased and expanded its R&D and production facilities to its current capacity and now Nye Lubricants can be found with Channel Partners in 28 countries and six continents, collaborating in many different sectors: automotive, computer printers, high vacuum, instruments and equipment , aerospace, military, medical, etc.
For over 30 years, Tecnolubeseal has been the Partner for Italy sharing the same mission and philosophy.


Oil Center Research

Oil Center Research was founded in 1858 from the idea of two people who concentrated their efforts on a range of products for the lubrication of all types of valves.
Today, the product series now goes under the ‘Liquid O Ring’ brand which is a guarantee of quality and includes a wide range of high resistant lubricants for lubricating oil refinery ball valves, cones, guillotines, etc.
The gradual emergence in the off shore field urged Oil Center Research to invest in its manufacturing and R&D and further extend the range with products for different industries and applications.
Included in this range are anti-seizure pastes, drilling fluids, detergents, a vast selection of oils and greases for equipment and maintenance in a variety of industries as well as for the traditional valve industry and oil drilling equipment.
For over 40 years, Tecnolubeseal has been a partner in Italy where it has successfully introduced a series of lubricants in many industrial sectors.