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For over 45 years, Tecnolubeseal has been a partner of Nye Lubricants Inc. USA, a market leader in the research and production of special synthetic lubricants for the automotive industry, able to satisfy any application requirement. Constant technological evolution demands increasingly more specific lubricants that can anticipate market needs and satisfy technical specifications. A wide range of products are readily available in our warehouse to meet every need of the various applications. Our technical experts are also on hand to cooperate with you and provide a customized and specific lubricant for your particular project.

This is a partial selection, for complete range or technical data sheet please contact: tecnico@tecnolubeseal.it


Main Components
Main products
Electric Components connectors, sensors, switches for high/medium/low powers…

Nyogel 760G, Uniflor 8911, Rheolube 362HT.

Parts of transmission
joints, differential, brakes, wheel bearings, pulleys, gearboxes…

Rheolube 365 A, Rheolube 380, Fluorocarbon Gel 880

Parts underhood starter motor, alternator, EGR valves, cooling fan, electronic control fuel

Nyogel 774L, Synthetic Oil 605, Uniflor 8512R

Steering and suspension ball joints, springs, leaf springs, column and screw-pinion steering, stabilizers, intermediate shafts

Rheolube 368 A, Fluorocarbon Gel 875MS, Fluorocarbon Gel 868

Internal Components Guide seat adjustment, front console, actuators, power windows

Nyogel 774L, Rheosil 500F, Rheolube 365F.