TecnolubeSeal | Company policy
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Company policy

Management, after analized the company context (internal and external factors) and made a risks analisys, defines a own policy keeping in consideration various stakeholders (asset): client,organization,employers and suppliers.

TECNOLUBESEAL SRL policy versus his customers is to give a personalized service, prompt,resolutive of problems through the proposal of special lubricants always on the cutting age.

TECNOLUBESEAL SRL gives an high attention to the customer needing to satisfy requests:

  • - Pays attention to the direct communication with the client, for understand better their needs.
  • - Studies the development in his market sector for be on the cutting age.
  • - Tries to bring innovation in his market.
  • - Promotes the involvement of all the staff, reminding that his client success depend on his owner success.
  • - Considers his suppliers a own partners, more than simples landers of work and products, sharing with them needs and expectations of customers.
  • - Is particulary attentive to the continuos improvement of resourses and facilities.
  • - Thinks that the main resource are people, with their skills and experience and their desire to be a team.
  • - Is aware that his success is essential, that people who works must be proud of what and why they doing that.
  • - Is present in the market of interest through a direct sales netwoks or with contract agency.
  • - Tries to optimize the logistic and procurement of his warehouse.
  • - Give a service of pre and post sale to support customers during the planning and the production, in order to solve any possibles problems.